Managed Services

From simple reporting to full managed services and staff augmentation, Ark’s Managed Services offering provides you with comprehensive operational support. Ark ’s Managed Services are available as an adjunct to technology solutions we have implemented for our clients, or as a stand-alone service. Ark is HDI Support Center Manager certified, which means we employ formal processes around service delivery, infrastructure implementation, operational processes, and workforce management. Ark ’s Managed Services are tailored to your workflow, resources environment and budget — from simple reporting to full managed services and staff augmentation — to provide your organization with immediate and substantial benefits

Ark ’s Managed Service offering provides IT departments with a range of capabilities that collectively enable you to:

  • Mitigate your IT risk by providing you with the visibility and the actionable reporting you need to allow you to be more proactive and less reactive.

  • Reduce your IT costs by minimizing the loss of productivity that comes from less than optimal use of information technology.

  • Increase your IT operational efficiency by allowing you to place resource-intensive IT operations under the management of experienced Ark specialists so you can optimize existing resources and focus on your strategic IT projects.

Citrix Watch

A full service Citrix Managed Service including proactive system validation, maintenance, and optimization along with incident response and escalation support from expert level Citrix engineers.

Managed Cloud Hosting

24/7 monitoring and escalation support for applications and workloads hosted in the cloud.  Routine patching and system checks to maintain performance.  Backup and recovery protection for critical OS systems, databases, and file servers.

Full Scope IT Management

End to end management of end user computing services including operations and maintenance of published desktops, hosted applications/workloads/storage, and on premise infrastructure.

Ark’s engineers are among the highest certified and most experienced experts in the market today. Our team gives you access to technical expertise with multiple vendors from a single point of contact. We offer flexible packages in order to provide you with responsive and cost effective support that will exceed your expectations.

Consulting Services

From the very beginning, Ark has been providing professional consulting services to our customers to design, implement, and support some of the most innovative, valuable, and efficient IT solutions available.  Our experienced consultants are central to our business; our years of consulting experience in Cloud, Mobility, and Virtualization, our certifications, and our accolades are why so many of our customers choose Ark’s consulting team over the competition.

We know that you depend on technology to help your organization operate and grow your business. Together, with our technology partners, we turn IT possibilities into business value for you and your employees.  We will consistently deliver business and technology solutions on time, on budget and with outstanding results.  To ensure our solutions continue to provide value from day one, we offer flexible maintenance and support plans that ensure continued success.

From Analysis and Design, where we work to create detailed plans to ensure business and system requirements are defined and met, to Build and Test, where we build a functioning pre-production POC or pilot environment to help validate our technology decisions, our consultants have years of experience mapping the right technology to unique business needs.  From Implementation services, where we execute on proven methodologies for putting cutting-edge technology into service in your production environments, to Production Rollout, where we augment your IT teams with our specialists during the hectic rollout portion of a project.  Finally, to ensure our solutions continue to operate with the highest levels of availability and performance, we continue to support our customers through proactive and reactive support available in a variety of packages.

Our Solid Support Structure Includes

  • Secure Environment

  • 24 x 7 Support

  • Easy Assistance to Turn On and Off Services

  • Quickly Launch New Instances

  • Add Applications

  • Resource Utilization Monitoring

  • Cost Efficiency Management

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