Our commercial solutions span all types of organizations, and all sizes.  Our solution set and expertise allows us to provide even more exceptional value to healthcare and legal organizations due to our lengthy relationships with many of these organizations which has allowed us to understand first-hand the business challenges they face.


Implementing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is at the forefront of the national healthcare agenda and Ark is leading the charge to facilitate secure access to EHRs. We provide solutions that allow physicians and clinical workers to access patient data while in their offices, making rounds, at shared terminals, at the patient bedside or from any remote location. We also offer full end-to-end encryption that enables high levels of productivity and HIPAA compliance. By providing centralized solutions, we can provide fast and secure information access throughout the continuum of patient care. All while improving productivity, reducing software maintenance costs, reducing upgrade costs and increasing the client device lifecycle – and providing the best-possible patient care. Ark helps reduce the cost and complexity of EHR deployment with:

  • Accelerated Deployment

  • Optimized Performance

  • Performance Management

Fast User Switching

Whenever users share workstations, security risks and user productivity must be addressed. When you need to balance security and usability, turn to Ark. We provide fast user switching solutions. This means users have single sign-on capability and can move from workstation to workstation with ease. For HIPAA compliance and accountability, our solutions eliminate shared user accounts and passwords while improving secure access to patient information.

With our solutions you can:

  • Deliver fast workstation and application access – usually in less than 10 seconds.

  • Enforce unique logons to shared workstations.

  • Automate launching and logons to applications.

  • Present the same application screen from the previous workstation.

  • Prevent walk-away security breaches.

  • Prevent workstation denial of service.

  • Audit shared workstation access events.

Clinician Mobility

With wireless, computer-enabled mobile carts, we give doctors, clinicians and other medical staff uninterrupted, single sign-on access to applications and information. Patient data is available where they need it, regardless of location, device or connection. Bedside access to patient information streamlines care and empowers improved decision making by healthcare professionals. Powered by application and desktop virtualization technologies our solutions centralize access for medical professionals, providing complete information throughout the continuum of patient care. Information is always available, secure and easy to access.


In the legal profession, time really is money. That’s why when access matters, law firms across the nation turn to Ark Solutions. As one of the leading solution providers for virtual access, our team understands how to optimize law firms for productivity and improve data access – while ensuring security and achieving compliance.

Ark’s solutions for Legal include:

  • Cloud Computing

  • Email Security, e-Discovery, and Legal Hold

  • Secure Remote Access/Telecommuting Solutions

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Case Management

  • Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations (COOP)

  • Centralized Application Delivery and Deployment

Federal Government

Whether DoD or a Civilian Agency, Ark has implemented and supported hundreds of unique solutions to support the Federal Government.  Ark Solutions is a proven innovator in cloud, mobility, and virtualization solutions for the Federal Government. We’ve supported many federal civilian agencies and helped them achieve their information-access goals.

Arkinfotech’s Federal solutions always take into account the latest in security mandates and initiatives.  Many of our Federal solutions include such security considerations as:

  • Two-Factor Authentication Support (CAC/PIV)

  • FIPS 140-2 compliance

  • FISMA and FedRAMP

  • Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG)

We’ll help you meet these standards, without compromising efficiency or productivity.

Arkinfotech’s Federal Solutions include:

  • Secure remote access to information – from internet, database, homegrown or generic

  • applications and document sources

  • Access through any device – PC, laptop, smart terminal, wireless or handheld devices

  • Low bandwidth requirements – analog, ISDN, TI or wireless connectivity

  • Secure Remote Access/Telecommuting Solutions

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations (COOP)

  • Centralized Application Delivery and Deployment

  • Data center Consolidation

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