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Wanna move to the cloud? Think Ark – Your Preferred Amazon Web Services Partner

Ark Infotech is a proud member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network. Our experience in deploying cloud infrastructure for the Government puts us on the map of preferred companies for cloud computing using AWS. Our technical expertise solely rests on the skilled technicians we deploy.  Our staff have decades of cloud computing experience put together.

First, we understand your requirements, design the architecture, build your infrastructure, and help migrate your applications to your very own cloud. Our experts will monitor your cloud infrastructure and respond immediately when any undesired events strike.

Once we have moved your applications to the cloud, we will work closely with you to identify and keep delivering the best cloud practices. Our recommendations will help you reduce cost, improve productivity, and enhance security on an on-going basis.

Are you already a part of AWS and have trouble or issue? We can help you tackle the problem and help you set things right as well as provide you with services that can help further optimize your AWS usage. 

Cloud Migration

Ark Infotech has great experience in cloud migration and hosting for Government and other Enterprises. Our customers come to us to reduce cost without having to compromise their business model and in meeting the mandatory regulations.

The cloud gives your organization the ability to upsize and downsize your computing capacity on-demand resulting in effective resource and cost management. This helps scale the ever-changing business environment to perform optimally.

Our experts in Cloud Migration work closely with you to identify the applications that can be migrated to the cloud based on usage and criticality and come up with suitable recommendations. We help customers to move their infrastructure to the cloud quickly and start taking advantage of the cost-benefit ratio.

We follow strict security authentication such as the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls. We ensure that your data is secure on the cloud and is not exposed to vulnerabilities.


Cyber threats are multiplying by the day, and it’s never been this critical to ensure your organization is staying a step ahead. The public sector is in a more fragile state than is comfortable to admit, and in housing highly sensitive and valuable data, taking steps to build a stronger security posture is the only hope. With an effective blend of security tools, methods, and know-how, federal agencies can establish a strong position of defense and prevent significant damages to revenue and reputation.

Designing the ideal cyber security strategy for the unique needs of your organizations can be a challenge, but with the right partner, protecting your people, environments, and data is within reach. In the midst of today’s hazardous landscape, fast incident response in the face of pending threats and ongoing, active security practices are keys to securing the federal space.

Consider Ark your partner in fighting cyber threats. Specialized in the public sector and available for consulting, assessments, and design and deployment services, Ark is built to ensure you succeed.

Network Virtualization

  • Strengthen security and endpoint protection

  • Enable cost effective fault tolerance, DR, and backups

  • Increase agility, flexibility, and scalability

Partnership the Ark Way

The cyber security team at Ark is made up of engineers with top-level security clearances and unmatched collective security expertise. While we’re experts in security technology, we understand that we work with people, and our goal is to

operate as a true partner with federal agencies and commercial businesses to build the strongest possible

security strategies and solutions.

  • Top-level security clearance

  • Public sector specializations

  • Talented, certified engineers with extensive cybersecurity knowledge

  • Rich history of success

Network Security Management

  • Manage your distributed network of next-generation firewalls from one central platform

Next Generation Firewalls

  • Deliver visibility and policy enforcement

  • Safely power applications and prevent threats across your organization

Data Security and Compliance Solutions

  • Trust in regular audits to ensure compliance with DoD STIG, FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, HiTech, and other industry mandates.

  • Accelerate information assurance

  • Take advantage of advanced security technologies

Next Generation Firewalls

  • Deliver visibility and policy enforcement

  • Safely power applications and prevent threats across your organization

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

Reduction in cost is the name of the game. Ark Infotech strives to provide the best of services to its customers at a competitive price and at unparalleled quality. Do you have a tight IT budget and have to squeeze in all your resources into it? Then, we have a solution to your problem.

Ark Infotech specializes in providing Infrastructure as a Service to customers looking at passing on their IT headache to someone. The IaaS is based on the resources used and comes in a pay-as-you-go model. The benefits of leaning towards IaaS for your organization is as but not limited to the below:

Highly Scalable   |   Cloud Storage and Networking  |   No Upfront Costs   |   Pay Only For What You Use   |   Access from Anywhere   |   Focus on Business and not Hardware   |   
Support from our Expert Technicians

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